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StakeShare is the easiest way to invest in PoS Crypto Currency, build rentable portofolio and discover trsut coin to invest in. All with clear data and easy to use.

When PoS Meet
Simplicity & Profitability

Discover the new era of PoS now with 2 innovative solutions for everyone


Innovative online PoS pool platform. Intuitive, easy to use with clear info and stats.

StakeShare System

Join new Era of PoS profitability. With new Algorithm that improves PoS rentability. - 
Your Intuitive and Powerfull PoS Platform.

Staking Live is a platform which revolutionizes the Proof-Of-Stake system in order to enable every user to take advantage of all the staking benefits. It’s an innovative way to earn money, whatever the
amount is, through an easy and automatic process, whether you are alone or part of a community with listed coins from the platform.

With this system, the “Stakers” combine their coins and the received rewards are fairly distributed among all the members according to their investment. Therefore, it reduces a lot the time needed for staking compare to when this activity is done individually. A high quantity of clustered coins allows a
faster and a more regular creation of rewards.

The user can predict in advance the profit they will make depending on their new investment, in a profitable and steady way through the action of the community on the selected coin. is available on :
Desktop, iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5


How it works

you can get started with three easy steps

Done ! Now you can directly see your reward
and contribution. Earn & manage your Staking easy !


Coins Specifications

Detail of our blockchain - Stakeshare (SSX)

  • Name & Ticker STAKESHARE - SSX
  • Max Supply 14 M
  • Algorithm Xevan
  • Network Spec. Masternode & PoS
  • Collateral Step up : 1000 to 8000
  • Block Time 60 Sec.
  • Premine
    ~ 2.4%
  • Exchange Crypto-Bridge - Crex24
First Collateral
1000 coins.

BLOCKS: 0 to 87840

BLOCKS: 87841 to 175680 

BLOCKS: 175681 to 263520
8000 Coins
263520 to end.

Block & Reward Infos

Blockchain and plan reward details.
Build Everything
Shemas Reward

Clic to view our Shemas Reward.

Pure Bootstrap
  Premine Allocation

Clic to view our premine Allocation Chart. 

Lifetime Upgrades

Clic here to view our Explorer block. 

Wallet Download

You can also see our github link below

Github link


July 2018

Start Development
(Online PoS Pool)

September / October 2018

Development of StakeShare System Algo & Blockchain of Stake Share (SSX)
Start Test. 

October / November 2018

End of test ( block 40.000 ) 
Start Official Launch of
Release project on BtcTalk,   

First Exchange Crex24.

November 2018

Phase 1 StakeShare System Algo Start
Realease First Exchange Feature: Switch
Start marketing plan
Two new exchange :
Escodex & Crypto-Bridge 

January 2019

Phase 1 StakeShare System Algo Stop.
Realease Second exchange feature: Buy
Collateral increase to 2.000
Execute marketing plan. ( listing, visibility) 

March 2019

Start Phase 2 Stake Share system Algo
New feature with community
New features: Stake Box, 

Our Team

Jim E.
Project Lead

  • 8 years in development expericences
  • Discord: 
    [SSX] Jim -

Raph. P.
Co Project Lead / Tech Supp.

  • 5 years in development expericences
  • Discord:
    [SSX] Raphaël Aka Neurøkardiak

Quentin M.
Lead Relation & Comm.

  • 5 years in relationship development 
  • Discord : 
    [SSX] Sheitak -

NicolAs C.
Moderator Manager

  • 2 years expericences in blockchain & relation lead to crypto.
  • Moderator Manager

Julien B.
Lead Relation &
Discord Manager

  • 2 years in Experience on Crypto


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